The “before” and “after” images clearly reveal the transformation promoted at Grifort’s hospitality headquarters in the Goiânia Emergency Hospital (Hugo), the largest health unit in Goiás, and the second in the Center-West region.
Grifort began implementing its integrated health solution at Hugo in May 2012.

At the time, he found obsolete and maintenance-free machines, deficits in the number and quality of layouts, unmotivated professionals and inefficient processes.

Due to the lack of trained personnel, nurses eventually changed beds and patients without the assistance of trained staff.

In a few months of acting, Grifort promoted a revolution in the hospital. Old equipment was replaced by state-of-the-art machines, without interruption of routine washing.

The entire physical structure underwent extensive reform. Not to mention the hiring of an army of maids, to support nursing in the humanization of patient care.

Currently, the company offers the new Hugo chambermaids trained by psychologists. They are the “Dona Gentileza”.

Grifort professionals carry out all the work of processing, disinfecting, sterilizing and delivering laywomen in perfect conditions of hygiene and conservation 24 hours a day.

With this change, the nursing and medical teams started to focus on the activity that best perform: patient care.

They were structural alterations that, together, guarantee greater control against hospital infections. Grifort leads Hugo to the most up-to-date market to meet SUS users.

Specialized in attending major trauma, Hugo receives patients from all municipalities of Goiás and also from other units of the federation. The numbers impress.

In 2013, the hospital performed more than 70 thousand visits, more than 12 thousand surgical procedures and more than 30 thousand hospitalizations. In order to meet all this demand, Griffon daily washes, disinfects, sterilizes, packs and distributes 3.5 tons of clothing, sheets and surgical drapes used to care for patients and caregivers, and for the work of all hospital staff.

This process uses the latest technology. Since Grifort started its activities at Hugo, the number surgeries at the hospital increased 43%.




In the corridors of the units where Grifort operates, the company’s professionals are known as “Dona Gentileza”.

It is a new modality in the health service, which created new jobs and has different training for many Brazilians.

Beyond the work of a simple waitress, “Dona Gentileza” is constantly trained by Griffort psychologists to understand the dramas of each patient and to act according to the complexities of each situation.

They receive training focused on behavior, motivational approaches, biosafety, interpersonal relationships, notions of citizenship.

All this always guarantees a humanized treatment. This translates into offering warmth, respect and warmth to patients.

In short, the work of “Dona Gentileza” is to make the time that the patients in the hospital have to spend in the most dignified way, whatever the health image of it.

Through process professionalization, Grifort created a methodology to measure activities and develop best practices in the provision of support services.

“Dona Gentileza” is also responsible for the application of user satisfaction surveys. The intent of the survey is to listen to the clientele of the system to always improve the services.