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Founded by the entrepreneur Márcia de Campos Neves, Grifort has a 20-year history in supporting patient care, especially the Unified Health System (SUS). Headquartered in Cuiabá, the group currently participates in the management of 27 public health units in four states: Mato Grosso (MT), Goiás (GO), Mato Grosso do Sul (MS) and Amapá (AP). There are in all 500 direct and indirect jobs.
The work developed in partnership with public agents and social organizations is, admittedly, of excellence.

The work developed in partnership with public agents and social organizations is, admittedly, of excellence.

Grifort professionals are proud to help save thousands of lives daily, in an unrelenting effort to improve the quality of health offered to Brazilians and Brazilians.

In order to guarantee excellence to SUS, the company developed its own methodology that strengthens its brand, always in strict accordance with the sanitary legislation in force.

Grifort is a company that is proud to comply with all the technical standards of Anvisa and the Ministry of Health.

Integrated Solutions

What we deliver

Grifort provides its partners and contractors with an integrated healthcare solution.

An integrated solution means a myriad of services related to hospital hospitality, with training of professionals, remodeling of facilities, modernization and equipment exchange, implantation of systems of washing and sterilization, service of camararia, besides the maintenance in operation of a laundry 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in each of the units served.

The actions foreseen in the integrated solution go far beyond the simple administration of a sector of a health unit.

Grifort’s actions have a decisive impact on the fight against hospital infections, as the company is responsible for the cleaning, sterilization and preservation of dressings and uniforms used in hospitals, outpatient clinics and health centers.
  • The guidelines to guide the range of services offered by Grifort are:

  • 1

    the rationalization of resources and respect for public property;

  • 2

    differentiated training of personnel;

  • 3

    the construction of more humanized bases to support the relationship between health professionals and patients;

  • 4

    the encouragement of innovative hospital administration processes;

More for less

The integrated solution model adopted by Grifort encompasses a broad spectrum of services. Between them:

  • elaboration of architectural design for the laundry sector;
  • reform of all physical structure without discontinuity of services;
  • construction of a sterile laundry unit (CRE) within the unit;
  • sterilization of any surgical set used;
  • complete exchange of machinery without interruption of routine washing;
  • supply and replacement of day care services 24 hours a day;
  • hiring and qualification of housekeepers, specially trained by psychologists, to support and assist all the nursing staff in the care and, mainly, in stimulating a humanized approach;

  • adequacy of procedures to the recommendations of health control and health management agencies, such as the Ministry of Health, Health Secretariats and the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).
  • The isolated contracting of each service provided in the integrated solution would considerably increase costs. Placed at the tip of the pencil, integrated work represents resource savings with increased efficiency.
  • The actions carried out by Grifort mean that routine and essential activities for the proper functioning of a hospital are not done in a fragmented way.
  • OThe processes gain in intelligence. For the doctor, it means, for example, not worrying about the lay-out, the stock, and dedicate himself exclusively to the patient. And for the patient, the certainty of a clean environment and a more respectful service.
  • In summary, these are structural changes that, in block, guarantee greater control against nosocomial infections.


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